Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Research Project: Promotion across E- media platform

Sherlock Holmes was successfully promoted across the e media platform, with the likes of fan sites such as FanPop, forums , movie review sites and a range of Youtube virals promoting the film.

Much of the promotion originated from the official 'Sherlock Holmes' film site which promotes the launch of the Bluray edition of the film and also gives the audience a chance to interact with the film, through the offer of a chance to perform stunts with the stunt coordinator, a chance to download the theme song, I phone applications, downloads such as wallpapers and other exclusive content.

As well as this, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace dedicated groups and fan pages to the film, with even more chance for promotion and audience
interaction. Audiences have the chance to have discussions on the film and can also create their own content in the form of posts and can comment on scenes, the director and cast members.

Launch of 'Sherlock'- BBC Drama

Following the success of the Sherlock Holmes film, BBC decided to create a drama which is based around the Sherlock Holmes novels. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as 'Sherlock' and Martin Freeman as 'Watson', the drama is an updated version of Sherlock Holmes tales, which intend to engage a younger teenage and adult demographic. The BBC drama is a revival of cult figures in British dramas, with the likes of Doctor Who and other shows proving to be a success. Though, Sherlock takes inspiration form Guy Ritchie's film and takes a more contemporary stance to the 1980s BBC adaptions, with familiar stars such as Martin Freeman.

From the creators of Doctor Who, Sherlock is on a three episode run and will prove to be even more successful due its huge viewer following. With huge investments of licence payers money, the drama will continue onto its second series, following its success.